Hello world! Welcome to Fovery

If by any chance you landed here, you are one of the first to know our brand new project which is meant to make your eating even easier.

Food delivery apps made our life not only easier but safer as it allowed us to overcome our hunger during the quarantine without leaving home.

My name is Andres and during the COVID crisis I was requesting food delivery to my place but it was a struggle to use so many apps to get to the point. I don’t always have a special craving so I’m open to find new options nearby, so I frequently found myself browsing through different platforms (Deliveroo, Just Eat, Uber Eats…) in order just to choose my dinner. What it was supposed to ease up my dinner, ended up being a stressful activity.

So I started wondering… why isn’t there an app or a website that allows me to browse across the different options, regardless of the platform? How can I know the best options, or the cheapest delivery, or the best promotion for the same restaurant?

I browser and I could not find any, so I told Nacho, my best friend from uni if he would like us to create something that solved this problem.

With Nacho, probably waiting for some food delivery in New York

This is how Fovery was born.

Fovery will be the best way for you to find food and maybe, even get it delivered:

Food Discovery = Fovery.
Food Delivery = Fovery.
Food that is very good = Fovery.

Okay, maybe we stretched the last one too much, but you get what we mean. Here you will find as many food options that include delivery or takeaway as we can add, along with the delivery costs, average ratings, promotions in place, availability and many more so you can just pick the most convenient one.

So please hold, while we’re preparing the order, and come back soon!

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